Monday, August 3, 2009

How DOCOMO changed to DOTCOM

This indecent happened last Saturday while I was returning to home. Luckily I had got seat to sit and tow uncles were sitting in seats back of mine. By listening their talks it seemed they were friends.

In Hubli, now a days all the Ad boards are full of Tata DOCOMO. So one of the uncle saw it and asked what is this docomo to the other so the other uncle said "yes, everywhere docomo only, he had no idea what it is. By this it was clear that both also had no idea what docomo is. Then the uncle who had asked what is docomo said oh its dotcom(.com), its related to computers. the other
uncle also said yes yes.

It was fun to listen to there talks but its Ad agencies responsibility to create Ad's which even normal people can understand other wise it can't reach the normal people and most of the people are left with half knowledge and thus loosing most of their costumers.

This is how DOCOMO changed to DOTCOM.