Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fear Of Crossing Road

Some people get panic while crossing road. Yesterday in the bus which i was getting back to home there was a aunty, she might be around 35. She got down the bus at hosur stop where I get down and I was just waiting for the bus to move so that I can cross but that aunty who was standing beside me started telling we will cross off come so I went with her and we crossed, till we cross she was holding my hand. She was full of fear to cross road. She felt relief after crossing.

I still remember, one of my collage friend named veena, her hands would shiver and sweat every time while crossing road. I was surprised knowing this.

One of me colleague Haseena doesn't cross the road even if the vehicles are 1Km far. She waits for them to pass then crosses.
I think all such people need to be taken to TV show Raaz pechle janam ka (there might be some pechle janam ka reason behind fear). That was just a joke. Fear of crossing the road is a phobia and it's called as Agyrophobia.