Friday, December 17, 2010

Nanjangud Temple

Nanjangud temple is about 23 Km from Mysore, takes about 45 mins to reach from Mysore.The temple is on the banks of river Kapila. Road is OK, very dusty. You come across 3 lakes while going from Mysore to Nanjangud. Seems like they are not maintained by anybody but even then their scenic beauty makes people passing by to stop and watch them.

One of the lake on the way

River Kapila

People fishing in the river

Temple looks like this from the river banks

On the way to the temple from river there is a big statue of God Shiva

A closer look at the temple
Side wall of the temple

The ratha

A closer look f ratha

The temple is dedicated to the God Shiva also called Sri Nanjundeshwara. Nanjangud is also called as "Dakshina Kashi".

Monday, November 22, 2010

Abbi\ Abbe Falls......

Children's Day i.e 14th November, had been to unplanned trip to abbi falls. It's around 120 Kms from Mysore. Let me give the description along with pictures.....

When out of Mysore it was 8 in the morning, till Hunsur road is superb but then its really worst. From Hunsur till madikari the road is in the same condition the scenic beauty along the roadside is awesome....

This was taken on the way to Madikeri, after crossing Virajpet. It's some garden could not see the name but green grass is spread all around...looks very beautiful.
Falls is nearly 10kms from Madikeri.....after reaching we need to walk a bit to reach the falls, you can hear the sound of water falling....

This one is taken before entering the hanging bridge.

The hanging bridge.

These pic's are taken from the hanging bridge

It would be fun if they had allowed to get down and play in water but its strictly restricted to get down. A police man is there to make sure that nobody gets down.

It's me on the hanging bridge.

Water from the falls flowing towards its destination.

It was 8 in the night when back in Mysore. Journey was too tiring due to the bad roads but the falls was worth it.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Little Friends

My new little friends at mysore, from left - Daxitha, karthik, yogesh and harsha.

Some pictures of Mysore

Mysore Palace at night

Chamundi mountain temple

Top view of Mysore from chamundii betta

Another one........

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fear Of Crossing Road

Some people get panic while crossing road. Yesterday in the bus which i was getting back to home there was a aunty, she might be around 35. She got down the bus at hosur stop where I get down and I was just waiting for the bus to move so that I can cross but that aunty who was standing beside me started telling we will cross off come so I went with her and we crossed, till we cross she was holding my hand. She was full of fear to cross road. She felt relief after crossing.

I still remember, one of my collage friend named veena, her hands would shiver and sweat every time while crossing road. I was surprised knowing this.

One of me colleague Haseena doesn't cross the road even if the vehicles are 1Km far. She waits for them to pass then crosses.
I think all such people need to be taken to TV show Raaz pechle janam ka (there might be some pechle janam ka reason behind fear). That was just a joke. Fear of crossing the road is a phobia and it's called as Agyrophobia.