Monday, November 22, 2010

Abbi\ Abbe Falls......

Children's Day i.e 14th November, had been to unplanned trip to abbi falls. It's around 120 Kms from Mysore. Let me give the description along with pictures.....

When out of Mysore it was 8 in the morning, till Hunsur road is superb but then its really worst. From Hunsur till madikari the road is in the same condition the scenic beauty along the roadside is awesome....

This was taken on the way to Madikeri, after crossing Virajpet. It's some garden could not see the name but green grass is spread all around...looks very beautiful.
Falls is nearly 10kms from Madikeri.....after reaching we need to walk a bit to reach the falls, you can hear the sound of water falling....

This one is taken before entering the hanging bridge.

The hanging bridge.

These pic's are taken from the hanging bridge

It would be fun if they had allowed to get down and play in water but its strictly restricted to get down. A police man is there to make sure that nobody gets down.

It's me on the hanging bridge.

Water from the falls flowing towards its destination.

It was 8 in the night when back in Mysore. Journey was too tiring due to the bad roads but the falls was worth it.

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