Friday, December 17, 2010

Nanjangud Temple

Nanjangud temple is about 23 Km from Mysore, takes about 45 mins to reach from Mysore.The temple is on the banks of river Kapila. Road is OK, very dusty. You come across 3 lakes while going from Mysore to Nanjangud. Seems like they are not maintained by anybody but even then their scenic beauty makes people passing by to stop and watch them.

One of the lake on the way

River Kapila

People fishing in the river

Temple looks like this from the river banks

On the way to the temple from river there is a big statue of God Shiva

A closer look at the temple
Side wall of the temple

The ratha

A closer look f ratha

The temple is dedicated to the God Shiva also called Sri Nanjundeshwara. Nanjangud is also called as "Dakshina Kashi".

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