Thursday, February 12, 2009

Carzy Boys

This incident has happened some time ago but it's not going out of my mind I do often remember and think how crazy the boys were.

It was around 8.30 A.m in the morning I was in the bus coming to Dharwad some boys may be around 15 to 18 got into our bus at BVB Engg Collage, they were dressed in sports uniform and aged aroud max 18. As soon as they got into bus they started talking laughing and shouting and conductor could not manage issuing tickets and their talks. Even other passengers were disturbed by their noise and as their patience crossed one lady started scolding them like anything. Even then they did not stop instead increased their volume level. They started making jokes of the scoldings of conductor and other passangers.

After may be 2 or 3 min driver stopped the bus and warned them that he will complain to police, their volume came down and then bus started. But even after the warning they started their stuff and by that time bus was near commissionor office, boys started shouting to driver call police commissnor office has come and stared laughing and driver got angry he stopped the bus got down and called the police and came by this time all boys had shut their mouth. Some 2 to 3 inspectors came they shouted and made them get down the bus.

Lastly bus moved from there as bus passed I saw those boys holding their bags and going by walk and thought if they were quit this would not happen and really how crazy they were.


  1. Hey, nice post.... by reading your post I'm remebering my old days...

  2. Boys are always crazy.... Wish I could have in that bus..I missed funniest moment to watch n enjoy....:)

  3. @Haseena Taj.... Its not about boys being crazy. As Marina mentioned all these guys belonged to the age group of 18. At this age, ppl usually try to gather attention of crowd by playing pranks & creating such a mess! Also, they never wanted to be losers when the conductor & others scolded them!

    Maybe the driver did the right thing :)