Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Womens Need To Ask For What They Deserve

I do still remember one of the day when I was returning back to Hubli, it was nearly around 7.15 PM I was late as I had to purchase some tablets. Bus was quite empty but seats were full, we have some seats reserved for ladies but uncle may be aged nearly 45 came and sat in one of the ladies seat but as all ladies were seated nobody objected him to sit.

After some time at one of the stop a lady got into the bus and saw that seats were not empty and this uncles is seated in ladies seat so she said him softly that this is ladies seat so get up but uncle instead of getting up he started arguing telling that he is sitting in that seat as the bus departured from the bus stand. As a reply to uncle lady said it's ladies seat you have to leave for ladies even if you have sat their from before. I don't know what happened to uncle he got angry, he got up from the seat and got down from the bus pushing everyone on his way even the conductor.

I really don't understand why peple want to be seated in the seats reserved for ladies and so much angry to give up the seats which they actually doesn't deserve. Womens really don't get what they deserve unless asked or fought for it.


  1. Really I appreciate that women.... very strange thing is most of the ladies not fight for their right. Your thought is right if we fight we will get our right.

  2. Yes usha, but sometimes when we fight we fail due to lack of support some people can't give support to fight for their own rights. It's really sad.......