Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweet Talks Of Kids

I still remember some time back while in bus on the way to Dharwad some 2 to 3 ladies got into bus and one of them holding a baby girl may be around 2 years as bus was fully filled and seats were not empty one of the passenger got up and gave her seat to sit for the lady with the baby

After may be 1 min or so, baby girl asked her mom where we are going mom answered then why we are going and non-stop questions. After some time it stopped.

As we were going on railway track came and train was passing. As there is a a bridge over the track our bus was on the bridge and we could see the train passing very clearly and she started we had went in train that day and this happened and so on. Her talks were so cute and sweet I did not miss a single word.

Her talks took me to different world and made me the days when my younger brother was small and used to talk in the same way ( he is 10th now, how days pass so quickly!). Really the talks os small kids are so sweet and their innocence make them still sweeter.

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